SharpTail Brittanys

SharpTail Brittanys

My wife and I discovered brittanys over 13 years ago when we started doing research on what breed of dog would best fit our life styles. After much research we decided the brittany was the breed for us.

We could not have been more correct. Our first female liver and white Jersey is still with us. We also have a 4 year old Orange and White Female ( Ruffwoods Dixie Girl) and a soon to be one year old male ( Knine's Ghost Rider).

We did not know much about the breed when we got out first girl and little about field and show lines. We have since learned enormously and our younger two come from Dual Champion bloodlines and we hope to have our first litter on the ground by the spring of 07.

Dixie is a Canadian Show Champion and has her CKC Field Dog Junior and Field Dog titles. She also has several  placements in American Field, field trials.

Maverick already has two points towards his Show Championship and has finnished his Field Dog Junior title as well. Maverick is currently with Bob Burchette for training. We hope for him to do well this coming fall in Field Trials and in the field hunting.

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Andre Coulombe